New Trends

Destination Floor Guidance System (DFGS)

The overall passenger experience improves, which leads to higher tenant satisfaction.

The system offers state-of-the-art dispatching technology, thus decreasing passenger wait time.

Utilizing neuros technology, our destination system begins to ‘learn’ the buildings’ traffic patterns by constantly monitoring traffic flows and becomes more efficient at grouping passengers. Hence, lobby traffic flow and overall elevator riding experience improves.

The system automatically groups passengers by common destination, which reduces the number of stops per trip and minimizes elevator travel time.

The system accepts the advance registration of a destination floor and chooses the optimum elevator car, improving elevator handling capability. It reduces the journey time in office buildings during peak travel times by up to 30%. In addition, no in-car operation is required, since the destination floor will already be registered at the elevator hall. Elimination of call registration in the car even if there are several passengers waiting in the lobby.

Destination Floor Registration Panel

The passenger uses the Destination Floor Registration Panel to register a destination floor. Upon completion of the registration, the assigned elevator car is announced.

Destination Floor Indicator

The Destination Floor Indicator is installed above the landing door of each elevator. The indicator displays the destination floors that are assigned to that elevator.


Eco friendly Elevators

With Fujitec PM machines

The newly developed drive system reduces the noise of the machine room and at the same time avoids gear lubricant oil consumption and environmental pollution, thus no waste oil is produced. This GREEN elevator also significantly reduces the cost of maintenance.

Fujtec’s new permanent magnet gearless machine system concept has completely eliminated the production of stator coils needed by traditional asynchronous motors. The permanent magnet synchronous Motor adopts high residual magnetism induction with high energy and high density and NdFeB with high coercive force, which creates smaller size and lighter weight.

PM machine reduces overall energy usage by utilizing a smaller permanent motor, resulting in energy savings of about 30% when compared to traditional geared technology and about 10% when compared with an induction AC gearless motor application.


With Fujitec Ionful system

Fujitec’s IONFUL® is a revolutionary air cleaning technology designed to refresh air quality in the cab environment.

This technology can provide cleaner air more efficiently than conventional ventilation systems.

Elevator cabs can be a safe haven for unwanted odors and toxins. Incorporating the Plasmacluster™ Ion generator into the ventilation system of the elevator car can refresh the air similar to the way nature cleans the environment by emitting a balance of positive and negative ions.

The IONFUL® system is designed to treat the air in your elevator car in a manner similar to the way nature cleans the environment, like just after a thunderstorm.

This technology sends Plasmacluster™ Ions into the entire cab through the cab’s ventilation system, effectively restoring the natural balance of ions in the air.

Fujitec IONFUL® is energy efficient and operates in response to movement within the cab, thus producing cleaner and healthier air.


With MP  MA GO machines

MPGO lift incorporates gearless technology with the MaGO machine reducing environmental impact.

The environmental impact of the MPGO lift has been evaluated by the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) , assessing the raw materials necessary for its manufacture, the energy consumption during use and the waste generated and recycled at the end of its life. Technology combined with design, a differential suspension of 2:1 reduces consumption and the control system improves energy performance.