At the very beginning, we aimed to reach the most competitive superior customer value – delivery service engineering company.

Year after year, we have been and still are proud to declare that we indeed are walking toward our goal. In fact, our major interest is not mainly the quantity of projects we deliver but the personalized service that differentiates us from others.

At Builtec we strives and works hard to meet the expectations of the market exigencies and we proudly announce that we have outperformed long established service driven companies in our field, thanks to the transparent policy we have ever dealt with and to the commitment of our loyal clients .

As we are prepared to provide the greatest in supplying, installing and maintaining urban conveying systems and building maintenance units. In our relentless pursuit for excellence, the most defining character assisting us in becoming a market leader, is the quality of the products we supply the professional service we offer our customers and end users.

We have utmost confidence in our future , in the growing pace of innovative developments and look forward to distinguish ourselves among the pioneers in the field in the years to come.

Ziad Harb

Managing Director